That Darkness.

by Rova Zetella

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released August 10, 2010

Produced by Matt McClellan and Rob Hardie
Engineered and mixed by Matt McClellan
Cover photo by Dana Miller



all rights reserved


Rova Zetella Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: A Melody
I’m not a walking story
I cannot correctly convey these questions in my mind
I am perfectly turning
Into every person that I ever knew that
I would never be
But you, you might be a melody
A forgotten tone for our ears
From god to calm my tears
So why would you go missing from me
If I could have you
Oh I would be complete
Yeah one day will come
When you might finally agree
And were all talking like
We know what were saying
But all I’m hearing is put to death
With my next breath
And I know that now is over
And I know that the past is gone
That future is set and time's still killing me
Time's killing everyone man
That’s why I found something better then this
Though I cant see it I still believe it
Yeah one day will come and bring us rescue you’ll see
And darling I think its over
My dreams were never supposed to wake
And its coming everyone feels it sooner or later
Something will happen
That brings us together
Track Name: Neither
You can break your face and
Make the pieces form where they might fit in
You can write clever words kid
About questions of God
And the lies of his fallen church
Yes I know that’s what we're doing
I can scream out my name and
Tell all my blame 'till I have all of your ears
Cause it seems like the words we’re craving
From our parents grave is honesty
I’m having a hard time trying to find the words to say
Maybe our culture has seen much better days
You don’t have to tell me that you're not doing fine
Neither am I.
I think we’re loosening now
The locks of the cages of our savage human lives
And it seems to me right now
That the criminal gets more grace then the victim
I should not expect more.
This is a fallen world and
We were lucky for a time
Dad he doesn’t understand
Time will teach him to take my hand
Brother is going to be alright in the next life
Track Name: Am I
Will you just stop your crying now
If you know how, and listen to me
I’ll make you think just like me
I don’t care if you bleed
I'll cut you open
Track Name: Red
Take these minutes and place them in time
Make your life well worth your visit
I chose to watch this
You chose to live it
We're both forgotten in the end
And you say all I need is to live for the now
I'll remember that and smile
I can't face it, this feeling of lost
These days we're making are memories I'll haunt
And everything seems now to me in my dreams
More real then life out here
All these little secrets are bringing me down
I’m a panicking swimmer
I think I might drown
And this water surrounding
I think It should fill my lungs
(Take me away from it all
I’m tired I cant even crawl
You know me you own me)
Everybody’s singing a tiring song
Yeah cause everybody's saying that
Everyone's wrong
And truth is uncertain
This truth doesn’t need to be found
Track Name: Spiderweb
I will follow you into the dark instead
You can lead me on through muddy dales
By my hand
But when this day is done
Another day will come
To wash away these fears
By rolling ties and tears
You wont change my mind
By pinning up shovels
Up against this hard
Mountain side of mine
Track Name: We Wish to Be Remembered
This world has spoken
The words of how we wish to be remembered
In our twenty-first century
We’ll tell of our progress
And all the tolerance that’s been allowed to blossom
In human history
And I’m sorry that this evil has no face
Because we close our eyes
But if I could somehow find a way
To make them realize I'd have done it by now
Please tell me I’m not honest
I really need to hear somebody tell some truth for once Inside this place
Just say darkness isn’t real
They don’t really want to kill
They're just ignorant and still
All these educated kill these children
Yeah its not a closed subject
So while you have a day dream
Of this world with pretty colors
I'll be dying till you wake up
And realize that your much older man
And you’ll see that while you hibernated
Fifty years away you've turned your cave into a grave And I hope you hunt for truth before your spirit starves
Fall asleep let this life here be your comforter
Just don’t bother me I wont be singing this much longer If my body keeps my spirit satisfied with pleasure
Then I'll be quite asleep dreaming of
How I'll be remembered
And if you don’t wake up I'll wake you up
Track Name: Security
Find your way
And darkness will come find you
All that you see is lost
And my time has come
That darkness will surround me
All that I love is gone
Track Name: Machete
What if we were given a machete
We were given a way to kill this undying love
Yeah no one else
Has ever known something quite like this
Well maybe some but then just a hint
Yeah that’s what they all say
And even now we should prevent this
If I could sing
Next time in your garden
Let your roots grow deep
Before you house any other creatures in your keep
Look past this to try and find something I missed
In my make up then I'll just have to wake up
If I could just see where I’m going
If I could just stop saying I
We’d be okay you’d be okay
And we could all believe again
If next time in your garden
Make your roots grow deep
Before you house any other creatures in your keep
But were all mute
We're coming out
To scream and shout at nothing
Just get me out Lord
If only I could sweep your streets
We're hungry for this broken war that’s nothing
Don’t be surprised now
If everyone but the father hates this child
It's impossible not to see that love you
It's impossible not to see that I care
It's impossible not to see that I love you
Even if I’m never there
Track Name: Darkness
Can you answer something that has been bothering me? Seems like you misplaced all your morality
Because what you will defend I’ve called guilty
Your reasons have no place inside this world you see
This world is ever twisting like a knotted log
For we kill men and give their rights unto the dogs
So someday when you hear you will come again
and bury me inside my mansions made of sand
Won't you come
Just say everybody's got a little good in of themselves
And that if it feels good go an put it on the shelves
Well I’m tired and drained and I’m going insane
Because almost caught the lie
See this virus is contagious
And to me it seems there is no wonder why
I am ready to leave
I hope you're happy in your sleep
While you dream of reality